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Entrevista a Llull

Llull: “I’m really looking forward to the coming season”

INTERVIEW | 25/06/2021

“I’m eager to keep helping the team and to fight for all the trophies”, said the Madrid player.

Next season will be Sergio Llull's sixteenth at Real Madrid. Llull is a club legend and during his time at the club he has clinched 21 trophies: 2 Euroleague titles, 1 Intercontinental Cup, 6 League titles, 6 Copa del Rey trophies and 6 Spanish Super Cups. The Balearic Islander, who is vying to keep making history with Real Madrid, spoke to the club's official press officers: “I’m really looking forward to the coming season and I’m eager to keep helping the team and to fight for all the trophies and goals that we set ourselves”.

  1. What are you expecting for next season?

    I’m really excited about next season. I've been with Real Madrid for quite a few years now and I‘ve got one more to go. I’m delighted. I’m eager to keep helping the team and to fight for all the trophies and goals that we set ourselves and I’m particularly looking forward to playing at the Palacio in front of a full crowd. I think that made this year difficult. You need to feel the affection and support from your fans on match days.

  2. Has the absence of the fans had a big impact?

    Yes, because at the end of the day basketball is a sport full of emotions, feelings, and if you take away the fans from the stadium it loses a bit of that attraction. Everyone’s hoping that this situation improves. Obviously, the main thing is health, but we must have that hope and be able to fill the stadiums and share the enjoyment of the sport with everyone.

  3. On Thursday club legend Felipe Reyes said farewell. Are you going to miss him?

    We’re going to miss him loads. I was really sorry I couldn't be at the farewell ceremony but I was travelling back to Madrid with my family and it was impossible for me to change everyone's flights. A great leader like Reyes will always be missed. He's been an inspiration in the dressing room, our captain for the last 16 years and a player who‘s always given his all on the court. Off the court he’s a great guy and that’s extremely important as well.

  4. Now it's time to focus on Spain and the preparation for the Olympics. How are you feeling?

    I feel good, motivated and excited. It’s like every summer, I’m always ready to help the team in any way I can. I’m delighted to be here and looking forward to getting going.

  5. What is the aim for the Olympic Games?

    The aim for this team is always ambitious and we will try to finish as high up as possible and compete for the medals. We know it's not so easy, there’re top teams and we’ve got a tough group, but we're going to go for it.

  6. There are five Madrid players on this shortlist. That shows that you have had a great season despite the challenges.

    The fact that there are five Real Madrid players speaks volumes about the work put in during the season. It was a tough season. It was very long and there were a lot of games, but the team competed really well and showed the character and competitive spirit that we possess when things are at their worst. It's a season to be proud of.