Real Madrid-Barça

Laso: “Our shooting has to improve and we need to focus on the next match”

NEWS | 13/06/2021

"We play another match in 48 hours and it'll be as demanding and difficult as the first one", added the coach.
After the first match of the league final at the WiZink Center, Pablo Laso analysed the matc hagainst Barça: "We dominated a lot of the game in the first half and thanks to this, we took the lead. Unfortunately, they got Kuric in to the match and he caused us problems, keeping them in the game and preventing us from opening up a bigger advantage. Higgins helped them in the third quarter to increase the gap through his points".

"It's very difficult to come back when you trail by so much against a team like Barça. Everything is very important in games like this and our shooting wasn't up to it and we were punished for that. We have to take into account that the match is over and we now have 48 hours before what will be just as demanding and just as difficult as today's game".
"Our shooting has to improve. There were some pretty good attacking plays in which we couldn't score. It's going to be an important aspect in keeping up our defensive level. We've been good in terms of turnovers and rebounding. A lot of fouls have been called against us and we must manage that side of the game to compete against a team like Barça".

Refereeing decisions
"If you're asking me, it's because you saw something wrong. Otherwise, you wouldn't ask me. Refereeing shouldn't play a key role in a game but today's refereeing has punished us on a number of occasions and we have to be more intelligent or accept it and not let it knock us out of the game. I can't dwell on the refereeing, it is what it was but I'm focusing on my team and on them playing better".

Laprovittola's situation
"I can't see him being ready for Tuesday but we're going to try. The doctor and physio's have done a fantastic job all year with the problems we've had during the season. The injury is muscular and you take it one day at a time. It would be foolish to force him if he's not right. I'd like to be positive but it doesn't look good".