Rueda de prensa de Laso

Laso: "The team heads into what'll be a demanding and short final"

NEWS | 12/06/2021

"To win it would cap the season off", added the madridista coach.
Pablo Laso addressed the media in an online press conference on the eve of the first match-up of the Endesa League final series against Barcelona at the WiZink Center and he reviewed the contest (6:30pm CET) in the following terms: “It's been an untypical season for many reasons. The team has competed to the highest standards regardless of the circumstances that we’ve faced during the season. This playoff campaign is turning out to be really demanding in physical terms and also with regard to motivation given the calendar, but I see the team as being in good shape and we continue to compete every day.  The team is well prepared for a final that will be demanding and short because it involves one game every three days. To win the series would really cap this season off”.

“I always consider my team to be the favourites. I don't think that I'm better than anyone else and have great respect for our opposition. Barcelona has an amazing team and had a marvellous season. I don't consider myself even to be a victim or the favourite, but if I had to choose between one of the two,I would prefer to be the favourite”.

"Laprovittola hasn't trained with the team and Abalde has has only recently been given the all-clear. Felipe Reyes remains sidelined and it doesn't look like Nico will make it. Nico and Llull have both had muscle injuries, having said that, I wouldn't rule Nico out for the final”.

Key areas
“We’ve got to accept and recognise that they're a great team and a really strong side. We're going to have to take the game to them, dominate rebounds and perform really well defensively. We’re going to have to put in a really good performance to beat a side like Barcelona”.

We're going to have to take the game to them, dominate rebounds and perform really well defensively.

"Pau Gasol is one of the greatest players in the history of Spanish basketball. He’s a player who makes a difference and has made a very good start to life at Barcelona. He's a dangerous player and is one I have a lot of respect for. He's an important player for Barcelona, just like he has been for all of the teams where he’s played".

"At this stage of the season, and given what all of the teams have been through, it's difficult to talk about rest. Both teams come into the game a bit short of energy. It's always an advantage to have an extra day of rest, but I don't think that will make the difference. We’re used to playing games in quick succession, but if you were to ask Barcelona, they too would have liked to have had an extra day's rest".

Playmaker role
"The players who have played in the playmaker role have been brilliant this season. In his first season, Alocén is performing to a really high standard and has been outstanding. Llull has suffered many injuries and what we saw from him against Valencia made it really clear that he is able to step up and give his all for the team. Nico has also done a magnificent job. All three of them, with their respective styles, have performed magnificently" .

Llull as a role model
"There are captains out there who aren't captains. You get captains who lift trophies and silent captains. Everyone looks up to Llull for the vibes he gives off. He does that every day and does the work that the coach sometimes doesn't manage to do".