Real Madrid - Valencia Basket

Laso: “It's a great day to have fans back at the court”

NEWS | 06/06/2021

"Apart from the win, I'm very proud that our club has won the European youth championship", explained the coach.
Pablo Laso expressed his happiness after the win in the first game of the league semi-finals against Valencia Basket: "I would like to congratulate our team on the win and celebrate a special day for all madridistas having our fans back at the court. They were part of our win and have been a driving force all season long and they showed it today. We're going through a difficult situation, but having fans' support is always important. Our club has been crowned European youth champions today, without two very important players in Tristan and Juan Núñez, with two players who have gone to great lengths to be able to play in Spagnolo and Klavzar; the U18s and U16s have won in Madrid and are in the Spanish championship, which means that as well as being the coach of the first team I feel very proud of lots of things, ending the day with a win in the semifinals".

"It was a hard-fought win, and we knew it wasn't going to be easy yet we have to keep believing that we haven't achieved anything. We won a game, we have an advantage but we played against a great team who we have a lot of respect for. We played with a lot of energy from the beginning of the game, both in defence and attack, scored well, opened up the scoreboard and then managed to control the lead comfortably. I'm happy with the win, but we know that we have to recover quickly because we play in Valencia in 48 hours".

"The team was magnificent in terms of intensity and I'm very proud of them. Hard work and effort were key to the win. If we want to win this playoff we have to play better basketball but that intensity is non-negotiable".

We started the game playing with a lot of energy both in defence and attack.

"We've had a very difficult season but everyone has stepped up and shown that they're ready to help the team and we're proud of the whole team's work. We don't think Garubas is serious, he's just pulled his calf. Hopefully, he'll be fit for Tuesday with rest. We're a bit more worried about Rudy, who's punctured his adductor and we have to assess it. Everyone else is fine (laughs)".

Return of fans
"We're grateful first of all because they've been consistent and capable of evaluating the team's work throughout the season and they've shown it on the first day that they've been able to come to the Palacio. Great teams and great clubs live for and depend on their fans. I always have good things to say to them because we'ave missed them. It was exciting because we haven't experienced this situation for more than a year".

Juan Núñez's debut
"The youth system is doing a magnificent job. We know how difficult to make it to play for Real Madrid, but they all work hard for it. All those who make their debut have deserved it. Juan was unlucky because he should have made his debut last year. He's going to help us and he has a big talent. We had no doubt that he was going to be able to help us. We needed him to play today and he played very well".