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Real Madrid Foundation Campus Experience presents innovative Football and Responsible Gaming programme

NEWS | 24/05/2021

The 12th edition of the event will see football, entertainment and training take centre stage at Real Madrid City between 20 June and 12 September.
The Real Madrid Foundation has presented the 12th edition of the Campus Experience, along with its innovative Football and Responsible Gaming programme, run in conjunction with The Global Esports Academy and the support of PlayStation Talents. The presentation event was attended by the executive vice-president of the Real Madrid Foundation, Enrique Sánchez; the club's director of institutional relations, Emilio Butragueño; and the director general of the Campus Experience, Joaquín Sagués; whilst Jorge Huguet, marketing director at Sony Interactive Entertainment Iberia; and Roberto Yeste, director of public relations, partnerships and business development at Sony Interactive Entertainment Iberia, attended the event remotely.

The Real Madrid Foundation's Campus Experience opens its doors to thousands of children from across the world from 20 June to 12 September 2021 and offers a unique experience involving football training sessions, fun activities and training in values at Real Madrid City. The experience features over 10 different courses, including advanced technical training and a programme for goalkeepers and is hosted by over 10 venues located throughout Spain. As was the case last year, all of the relevant healthy measures will be in place to guarantee the health of the participants and the campus staff. 

The campus events offer a unique experience that involves football training sessions, fun activities and values-based training.

For a third year in a row, the innovate Football and Responsible Gaming programme, which is to be held from 4-17 June, will allow the children, aged seven to 13, to marry their two passions: football and gaming through activities with an educational slant. In this year’s edition, The Global Esports Academy, which is jointly organising the Football and Responsible Gaming Campus Experience, will feature the collaboration of PlayStation Talents. Jorge Huguet and Roberto Yeste, representatives from Sony Interactive Entertainment Iberia, shared PlayStation’s enthusiasm to take part in training projects that use videogaming in an educational and responsible way.

For his part, Sagués explained that the experience seeks to achieve excellence year after year and this has this year involved securing PlayStation Talents as a partner. Meanwhile, Butragueño stressed the significance of the Campus Experience events for the children and its great reputation amongst the childrens’ families.