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Presentación programa de fútbol en Korea

The Foundation's Annual Educational Football Program touches down in South Korea

NEWS | 21/05/2021

It will be carried out alongside C&P Sports and Global Education Ministries (GEM), an organisation linked to the Global Vision Christian Schools group.
Two Global Education Ministries (GEM) schools in South Korea (Mungyeong and Sejong) will be the latest to join the Real Madrid Foundation's Annual Educational Football Program to complement school-going children's academic curriculum. Managing Director of the Foundation, Julio González Ronco, and Real Madrid ambassador Álvaro Arbeloa have presented the collaboration agreement with C&P Sports and the GEM educational institution at Real Madrid City. The agreement will allow the madridista organisation to put the program into practice in the Asian country.

Jean-Seok Nam, president and founder of GEM; Catalina Kim, CEO of C&P Sports both joined the event virtually, alongside two future participants in the program. GEM is an organisation that is part of the Global Vision Christian Schools group, and it will work to provide high quality educational environments for children around the world, having a positive impact on communities all based around Christian values and principles.

Arbeloa: “All our projects have the same goal: teaching football and values".

At the event, Álvaro Arbeloa explained: “All our projects have the same goal: teaching football and values by using sport as a tool to improve children's lives because we believe in the power of sport and its values to build a better world". Jean-Seok Nam reflected: “I'm very proud and have great expectations for our students to enjoy the world's best sport”. Catalina Kim said: “This project will allow Korean children of all ages to educate themselves through sport, providing vital support to local communities".
The Real Madrid Foundation's Annual Educational Football Program complements the school curriculum, combining education in values and football with the primary aim of instilling values and improving participants' footballing technique. The program is expected to start with over fifty participants and will be overseen by a Spanish head coach who will lead, plan and develop the sporting program in line with the madridista organisation. One of the new elements of the program is the introduction and use of technologies to optimise resources, which will ensure the project is run in an efficient manner.