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Zidane: "We're still in it and we'll fight until the final minute"

NEWS | 16/05/2021

"We'll give every last ounce to win this league", said the coach.
Zinedine Zidane spoke in the San Mamés press room after Real Madrid beat Athletic. The coach said: "Thanks for congratulating me on the win because that's what we're interested in: three points today. We're still in the title fight and we're going to give our all until the final minute. I'm happy with our performance, a very good game, we're still alive and we're going to fight until the end. We knew it was going to be this way".

"It's been very difficult but we're still in the fight. Real Madrid have lost two league titles on the last day and we're going to try to win this one in the last minute. We're going to give our all to win this league title". 

The penalty decision for Morcillo's handball
"I've already spoken about it. The referee does his job, he tries his best and that's it. Everyone has their job to do. I was told he touched it with his hand, but that's it".

Nacho has been giving his all on the pitch for a long time now and deserves to be here.

“It’s a lie that I’ve told my players that I’m leaving. Why would I tell my players that I’m leaving? All I’m bothered about is the end of the final run-in and what’s at stake. As for everything else, we’ll see about that come the end of the season”.

Praise for Nacho
“There’s absolutely no question that he should end his career here. His performances are really impressive. He’s been giving his all on the pitch for a long time now and deserves to be here”.

“There’s nothing wrong with him. Other players are playing at the moment. I always have to name 11 players and that’s all there is to it. He’s in there and is contributing with his work. I have to make decisions in every game”.