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Nacho: "There’s a game to go and we’re still in with a chance"

NEWS | 16/05/2021 | Bárbara Jiménez

“We're Real Madrid and this crest teaches you to fight until the end”, added Odriozola.
Real Madrid ran out 1-0 winners at San Mamés courtesy of a Nacho goal and the defender reflected on the win in Bilbao in the following terms: “The aim was to win the game and for Atlético to slip out to allow us to win the LaLiga title, but there’s a game to go and we’re still in with a chance. They came from behind at the end and that shows that it’s never easy”.
“This is a tough place to come and Athletic are a very strong side that don’t afford many chances. The team did really well defensively. We struggled to create chances, but overall we put in a really good performance, were really impact and the most important thing is that we got the win”.
Race for LaLiga title
“There’s one game to go and we have to keep on fighting. Anything can happen in football. What this crest teaches you is to battle until the last minute and that’s what we’re doing”.
Unawarded penalty
“The issue of handballs is tricky. I saw it at half-time and it looked like a clear penalty, but, at the end of the day, you always look to defend your own interests”.

Nacho: "We have to keep battling beacuse anything can happen in football".

"There's a story out today that Zidane said something to us in a chat the other day, but the coach is under contract and he's very happy to be here. He's committed to us and in the end it's a decision that the club and he will make, but we want him to stay".

Odriozola: "We're going to fight until the end"
"I'd like to congratulate the team, we're showing what this crest stands for, the spirit of fighting to the end, after a lot of problems during the year with injuries and COVID-19. We've focused on ourselves, it was a very good performance from start to finish and we deserved the win. We are Real Madrid and we're going to fight until the end".
"The coach has always told us that we're doing things right, maybe we were a little off it in the final third, but we managed to get the winning goal. We've done our job and there's still a game left to play".

Battle for LaLiga crown
“I’m really proud of all of the players in the squad. The word that sums up this season is resilience, we’re holding on in there, we’re going to fight until the end and hope that we get our reward. It’s a cup final, everything’s to play for, but this crest teaches you to find right until the very end and that’s what we’ll do”.