Real Madrid - Valencia Basket Club

Laso: “We've played a lot of matches and we've felt that at the start”

NEWS | 09/05/2021

"We have to focus on what's to come because we're hoping to finish first in the Regular Season", explained the coach.
Pablo Laso gave his thoughts on the game between Real Madrid and Valencia Basket, in round 36 of the league: "We've played a lot of games in the last 40 days and we've struggled at the start. We've got to move on quickly and focus on the games we've got left to play because we still hope to finish first in the Regular Season".

"It was a pretty straightforward match. We had a weak start, missing shots and we didn't make any fouls in the first quarter feeling a little weak. They got the advantage on the scoreboard, which was decisive in the match. The team competed well in the other three quarters, they were able to control the game better, but we didn't get any closer on the scoreboard to get back into the game. Valencia Basket managed the game well and we have to give them credit for that".

From the second quarter onwards, the team competed well, but credit to Valencia Basket.

"We're grateful for any day of rest or training. We're experiencing a season with a very demanding schedule. We knew that from the start and now my focus is on the players recovering and training, which is very important to recharge our batteries. Having a rest and training fuels the team, who have put in a great deal of effort and today it was very noticeable in the first quarter".
"It's not easy for a player to come here in the middle of the season. He's had two years in which he's not had much game time and every day he's looking better and better. Some things have been good and some have been bad but he's part of the team. It's not easy for him either. He's adapted quickly and he's working hard and I've seen good things from him".