Las escuelas sociodeportivas en Europa fomentan las actividades seguras

The social sports schools in Europe encourage safe activities

NEWS | 28/04/2021

Face-to-face and online activities continue to combine in order to adapt to health guidelines. 
Just like at national level, the social sports schools all over the world continue to operate in strict compliance with the regulations and recommendations of the relevant health authorities. The schools in Europe, alternate face-to-face and online activities, thanks to the commitment of local partners, in order to continue working on the emotional well-being of the participants as well as to create an environment that encourages the learning of values through sport. 

In the schools in Milan (Italy), developed in partnership with the Portofranco and Fatima Traccia Associations, and the school in Guimarães, in collaboration with the Alma Branca Association and with the support of the UEFA Foundation, the participants are gradually returning to face-to-face activities. The activities are carried out in open-air facilities and with the use of masks routinely. When the situation requires it, they are combined with telematic activities so that children at risk of social exclusion can continue to receive training that contributes to their physical and emotional well-being, and to their educational and social development.

The goal is to promote emotional well-being and to continue learning values through sport.

The Portofranco and Fatima Traccia Associations, through which the programme is run, have a wealth of experience in supporting young people in their studies. As well as sport, personal and tailored after-school tutoring classes are offered free of charge. During this period, the organisation of meetings on nutritional education and sport, and another on music and sport, as possible tools for personal and human growth, play an important role.

Alma Branca Association
The Alma Branca Association, which promotes children's rights in Guimarães, weekly football training sessions have resumed, integrating the Real Madrid Foundation's methodology, as well as school support activities and personalised psychological support. In Portugal, depending on the pandemic situation, the plan is to resume the talks for families, promoting family integration and coexistence and socialisation, healthy leisure and free time activities throughout the season and in the summer.