Curso telemático para entrenadores de la Fundación en Filipinas

Online course for Foundation coaches in the Philippines

NEWS | 22/04/2021

The social sports schools in Davao del Sur are run in collaboration with Anakk and with the support of the Fundación Mapfre.
The coaches at the Real Madrid Foundation's four schools in the Santa Cruz region in Davao del Sur (Philippines), have enjoyed their first online training session in football and values. The coach-educators assist vulnerable young people in their sports and value sessions. These schools are run in collaboration with the NGO Anakk and have been supported by the Fundación Mapfre since 2011.
More than ten coach-educators, led by the project's director Mr. Pablo Tanuan, have taken advantage of this online training. The group of coaches is made up of young, dynamic and motivated professionals alongside veteran monitors who have been working with the social sports project from the beginning.

Comprehensive support program
Also taking part in the online course, were the social workers who coordinate and carry out the rest of the comprehensive support program run by Anakk. This provides a social-educational component to get disadvantaged young people back into school or work. This group largely identify as part of the Philippines' indigenous population and have often dropped out of school and lack any kind of professional training.

The coach-educators look after vulnerable young people in their weekly sports and values sessions.

The Real Madrid Foundation's four social sports schools are located in the towns of Santa Cruz, Digos, Hagonoy and Padada, in the Davao del Sur region, and the training sessions take place on local public school football pitches on Saturdays and Sundays.

Foundation provides resources and support
In recent months, the schools have been affected by the restrictions imposed in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, coupled with the damage caused by a devastated earthquake. As a result, the Real Madrid Foundation's local partner, the NGO Anakk, has seen itself forced to double its efforts and resources in order to sustain the professional training or informal education program and meet the beneficiaries' needs. The support of the Real Madrid Foundation and the Fundación Mapfre provided hygiene kits to help protect against coronavirus, as well as food and psychological support for over 300 children and their families.