Rueda de prensa de Laso

Laso: "Joventut's season is going very well and we have to be very sharp"

NEWS | 17/04/2021

"With such a demanding schedule, the fact that we have this number of wins speaks volumes about the team," said the coach.
Pablo Laso spoke ahead of his side’s next matchup in the Liga Endesa against Joventut (Sunday, 6:30 pm CET). The Real Madrid coach said: “It feels like playing from Tuesday to Sunday is like having a quiet week, although there aren't that many days. But it's certainly been really good for us to get players back, as well as the arrival of Poirier. Today we were able to train with the whole team. Only Randolph is out, the rest are fine, and everyone is ready to play. It's definitely a positive week with everyone training”.
"We have to get Thompkins into match tempo. He's been struggling with his knee for the last month and he's made an enormous effort to be able to play, but I think we needed to save him so that he could recover. He trained pretty well yesterday and today, and initially he's one of those regular players for future games if we want to have him ready for next week".
"He arrived on Monday and up until Thursday we worked on adaptation and physical conditioning. We've had him training and moving around so that he can get to know things. From Thursday onwards he has gradually got into the team's routine and has been training well. Obviously I think he's lacking a bit of fitness, which is normal. He hasn't played for a while, he's been out of action, he's had coronavirus. So it's a fairly normal situation, but he's doing quite well. He's trained with the team and he's ready to make his debut".

It's definitely a positive week with everyone training

"Joventut has its own identity in its play that has been  there for some time. The team plays pick and roll well and Tomic provides another dimension to their game. I think Bassas is playing at a really high level and Pau Ribas is scoring a lot. Brodziansky is establishing himself in the league as an open four, who can play inside. Overall I think Joventut's season is going very well, and they're proving it in the league and in Europe. We played there early in the season; we produced a very complete performance from the start and took an early lead. Tomorrow's game is sure to be different and we have to be very sharp".
Superiority in the league
"I don't know if the right word is superiority, but we're doing very well in the league in terms of results. There are better days and worse days, but we've had a very good feeling of solidity from the start and that speaks volumes about the lads. With such a demanding schedule, the fact that we have this number of wins is the reason why we are so far ahead of the seventh-placed team, who are also having a great season. This reflects very well on the players and the work they have put in during the season.