Rueda de prensa de Modric

Modrić: "We'll have to go out to win and not try to defend our lead"

NEWS | 13/04/2021

"It'll be a really demanding game and we'll have to deliver a performance befitting of the competition", added the midfielder.
Luka Modrić was on media duty at the Anfield press room on the eve of the Champions League quarter-final second-leg encounter against Liverpool (9pm CET) and previewed the match in the following terms: "I expect it to be a very demanding game, in which we'll have to deliver a performance befitting of the competition and we'll have to put in a top display. We'll have to try and do what we did in the first leg and attack and defend as a unit, go out to get the win and not defend our lead. We've got to go for the win".

"We're in good shape. There are so many games and they really take their toll, particularly at this important stage of the season, in which we've got a lot of important players out. But we're in good shape, we've got to keep going. We've worked hard for nine months to be in this position and to be in the hunt in the league and the Champions League and we can't go pointing to fatigue. It's not easy but we've got to hang in there and keep working hard, recover properly and be good professionals, just as we have been up until now. I hope that our efforts will help us to win something".

Lucas Vázquez injury
"Lucas Vázquez's injury is a shame because he was in superb form. He's been playing really well and has really helped the team. His injury is a big blow. We're supporting him and I hope he recovers properly and soon".

How do you deal with injuries?
"These setbacks bring us even closer together because we know that we need everyone and for us all to be in great form up until the end of the season. We've got a lot of injuries, but we can't be complaining and never have done. It's part and parcel of the game and our profession. It's annoying that they're injured, but it brings us even closer together".

His season so far
"I'm pleased with my performances and with how I'm performing and what I bring to the team. I'm feeling really good. I have to keep this up now until the end of the season, but I don't compare this season to previous ones. Now's not the time for that".

“Florentino Pérez has always done great things for Real Madrid and I'm sure he'll continue to do so”.

"You hear a lot of stories about the players who'll be coming in and who'll be leaving, but I can't go into that. Mbappé is a great player and he's proved that with his national team and PSG. Great players are always welcome at Real Madrid, but it wouldn't be right of me to speak about players at other clubs, particularly at this stage of the season. We'll have to see what happens next season, but he's a top player and is amongst the best in the world".

Praise for Kroos
"We've been playing together for many years now and there's no question that he's one of the players that I feel most comfortable playing alongside, but there are many players who I've been comfortable with. I enjoy playing with him. We have a very good understanding and we'll have to see how much longer we'll be able to carry on playing together and enjoying each other's games".

Playing system
"Every match is completely different. It's very rare that you produce two identical performances against the same opponent. What we have to do is defend really well and attack them. We defend as a team and will have to keep on doing that".

Best midfield in world football
"It makes us really happy and proud to receive that sort of praise about our performances. We have to keep it up, we've been playing together for many years, we have a very good understanding and really enjoy playing together".

Contract renewal and vibes
"It's going well. I can't say any more than that. I've always said that I want to stay at Real Madrid. I feel really happy and hope to be here next season".

Complaints from Klopp and Koeman
"Nothing from outside the club can tarnish our history and what we're doing. There are always lots of complaints about us, but that's what happens when you're the best team in the world. The things that are said on the outside can't harm the club's image".

Florentino Pérez
"I congratulate the president for his latest term. I'm sure that he's really keen to build another great team, although we've already got one. We'll have to see what he does in the future, but he's always done great things for Real Madrid and I'm sure he'll continue to do so".