Presentación de Poirier

Poirier: “Real Madrid is an iconic team in European basketball”

NEWS | 12/04/2021

“This is a winning team and that's what drove me to join the club: to win trophies", added the club's new center.
Vincent Poirier has given his first interview as a Real Madrid player as he sat down with the club's official media channels to express his excitement at embarking on this new chapter in his career: "I'm so excited to be here. Real Madrid is a great team, one of the most iconic teams in European basketball, so I'm delighted to be here. I can't wait to get back out there and share experiences with my teammates out on the court, whilst I enjoy playing basketball. I'm raring to get started and train with my teammates and get back out on the court".

"What motivates me most is to win a trophy. That's the crowning moment and I've never had the chance to win the league in Spain, the EuroLeague or any trophies in France, so what I want to do now is win something with the team, which is as good as it gets".
Playing style
"I can get around the court, I'm strong on rebounds, block players in the paint and offer intensity. I can also make good blocks, drive quickly towards the basket and post slam dunks. They're my strengths and that's what I'll offer the team".
"I'm aiming to perform better than I did in my first stint in the EuroLeague, but right now I'm not the most important thing, the team is. I've just come back from the NBA, so all I want to do now is contribute to the team and not think about me. When you join a club like Real Madrid, individual players don't matter".


"All I want to do is win. I lost an ACB final against Real Madrid and I can tell you that they're a winning team. That's why I'm here, that's what I want to do too: win. Winning trophies is what drove me to join the club".
"He's a great player. I've faced him many times and we've enjoying great rivalry. I think that everything will go well for us and I can't wait to share the court with him and line up alongside him. He's a defensive specialist. I've seen that his game has really come on, so I can't wait to play with him".
"He's one of the best coaches in EuroLeague history and I'm so excited to play under him. I know that he's a great coach and am raring to get started".
Message to the fans
“Hello madridistas, I'm so happy to be here, hala Madrid!”.