Rueda de prensa de Laso

Laso: “We're in an important, difficult and demanding period of the season”

NEWS | 12/04/2021

"Lenovo Tenerife are competing very well and are leading in many game statistics", said the coach.
Pablo Laso spoke about Real Madrid's upcoming match against Lenovo Tenerife this Tuesday, in round 31 of the league (9:15pm CEST): "In regular season, every game is important and it's clear that when you get closer to the end of the season, everyone is in a different position. Within two days we have faced Barça, who are second in the ACB, and Tenerife, who are third. These are big, important games and we've got the Euroleague playoffs coming up too. We're at an important, difficult and demanding period of the season, and we accept that we've had to work hard to get here".

"As things stand, Thompkins will remain sidelined and the rest are fine. We'll see who will play tomorrow, but we're going to try to get Thompkins back for next week, and even try to get him in for Sunday's game".

Lenovo Tenerife
"They've competed well and continute to compete very well. They've got a great pick&roll game with Huertas, Fitipaldo, Guerra and Shermadini. It's a type of pairing that also generates a lot of attraction and creates for the rest of the players like Doonerkamp, Salin, Yusta, Cavanaugh. The players are performing at a high level and complement that game, leading in a lot of statistics in the competition".

The competitive gene
"We must be identifiable and the team has worked hard during the season on that, regardless of the results. In bad moments, they're capable of coming together and I'm very proud of the team, because they've been competing really well all season and I value the fact that the team's competitive spirit is being praised".