Schedule for madridistas on international duty

Marta Cardona netted the opener in Spain's 3-0 triumph over Mexico.
The following Real Madrid Women's players have been called up by their national teams for the international fixtures to be played in April: Ivana, Marta Corredera, Marta Cardona, Misa, Olga and Teresa (Spain); Asllani and Jakobsson (Sweden); and Kenti Robles, (Mexico)

Spain v Holland (1-0)
Spain v Mexico (3-0)
, Corredera, Cardona, Misa, Olga and Teresa have been named in the Spain squad for the two warm-up friendlies ahead of the EURO. Cardona started in Spain’s first match which ended with a victory for the Spaniards against the Netherlands. In the team's second outing, which was also played at Marbella's Estadio Antonio Lorenzo Cuevas, Marta Cardona broke the deadlock, whilst Ivana, Marta Corredera, Teresa and Misa also featured.

Sweden v USA (1-1)
Poland v Sweden (2-4)

Jakobsson and Asllani both completed the 90 minutes in the meeting with the USA at Stockholm's Friends Arena. In the game against Poland at the Widzew Łódź Stadium, Asllani played no part whilst Jakobsson entered the fray in the 82nd minute.

Slovakia v Mexico (0-0)
Spain v Mexico (3-0)

Kenti Robles was called up for Mexico's friendly double-header. The defender wasn't involved in the first run-out, but played the whole game at Marbella's Antonio Lorenzo Cuevas in the team's second outing.