Los beneficiarios de la escuela sociodeportiva de Irpin en Ucrania reciben más complementos educativos

Pupils at Irpin socio-sporting school benefit from enhanced educational offering

NEWS | 01/04/2021

The project caters for 150 vulnerable minors and is run in conjunction with Epicentr for Children and Irpin City Council.

The pupils at the Foundation's socio-sporting school in the Ukrainian city of Irpin, which is run by the Epicentr for Children Foundation, have been benefiting from an improved socio-educational offering as a part of this holistic project. Since September, the regular sporting-educational and social activities have been run alongside games to foster memory skills and learn about finance, whilst a motivational programme has also been rolled out.

Epicentr for Children caters for over 770 socially disadvantage minors across four sites and promotes their educational development in line with the Real Madrid Foundation's values. A motivational programme is in place to encourage participants to attend the school's activities. This system not only rewards sporting achievements but also recognises attitudes and conduct in line with the particular value being worked on during the month. 

Games for children and youngsters
In addition, eidetic memory games are also on offer for children aged up to six to boost their memory by using imagination and fostering attention skills through ongoing interaction with classmates and coaches. For the older pupils, the school offers a game related to finance that helps participants when it comes to negotiation and formulating and expressing their opinions in a more efficient manner.

Schools in Ukraine
Just like the socio-sporting schools in Ternopil, Khmelnitsky and Kiev, the Irpin-based centre is run in conjunction with the Epicentr for Children Foundation with the support of Epicentr K. The schools act as a means of prevention and an integration tool for children who have limited resources, have been internally displaced, are orphans or whose parents have been forced to emigrate. The centre offers a safe space that safeguards pupils’ physical and emotional well-being and fosters their educational development.