Real Madrid - Anadolu Efes

Chus Mateo: “We're a winning team and have still got a challenge ahead of us"

NEWS | 30/03/2021

"We've got two finals to come and we're going to go all out to win them", commented Alocén following the game against Anadolu Efes.
Chus Mateo and Carlos Alocén spoke to the media to reflect on the match-up against Anadolu Efes. Pablo Laso’s assistant explained that: “It was an important game for us. We didn't make the sort of start that we wanted to, but we got ourselves back into the game. They established a small lead in the first quarter, in which Simon performed really well for them. We committed one too many turnovers, but we responded well and managed to claw ourselves back into the game and even headed into the break in the lead. Things didn't go for us in the third quarter, in which we also had the injury to Tavares, which had a big impact on things. We've still got a challenge ahead of us and want to go and clinch a playoff spot”.

“It was an important game but not a do-or-die match. We knew that we could either win the game or lose it, but we’re now focused on Friday and we have to recover. There were some very good things that we can take from this game and other things which weren't quite as positive. We're a winning team, are very competitive and have spent a long time in the top 8 and we want to get back in there. That gives me great confidence. We can now only think about the Olympiacos game and go and win it”.

Chus Mateo: "We have to recover and just focus on Friday's game".

“We’ve got to think positive thoughts. We did some good things out there tonight and it was one of those games that you sometimes get in basketball, where the difference is sometimes made big by the circumstances. With regard to those circumstances and Laso’s sending-off, I'm not going to make any comment because those things  happen in basketball”.

Injury to Tavares
“We're going to wait and see how he progresses. It was a knock and he hurt himself as he fell. I don't know whether or not I'll be available for our next match. I'm in no doubt that he'll want to be involved if it's nothing serious”.

Alocén: “We’ll have to go all out against Olympiacos”
“We come away feeling annoyed. The end of the third quarter and the final quarter really took its toll on us. As for the rest of the game, I think that we did quite well. We’ve got what's another Cup final on Friday and we haven't got time to dwell on this defeat. We’ll have to go all out against Olympiacos”.

“We all know about Efes’ offensive weapons. We didn't make a good start to the third quarter and we didn't recover from that. We’ve got two games to go and we'll have to go all out, there's no other option. We face what are two cup finals. We've got to just focus on the Olympiacos game and I'm sure that if we all work together, we’ll get the win”.

Message to the fans
“This is Real Madrid and we're going to try and make them feel proud of us. We're capable of getting the two wins, we have to go and get those wins and that's exactly what we’re going to do”.