Primer Foundation Match africano de la Fundación Real Madrid

First Foundation Match by the Real Madrid Foundation in Africa

NEWS | 29/03/2021

Technicians from seven schools in Senegal, Côte d'Ivoire, Benin and Morocco took part.
The Real Madrid Foundation's social sports schools' digital Foundation Match in Africa once again highlighted the coaches' great commitment to our organisation. Despite the difficulties in gaining access to a computer, participation levels were high, with the help of the local partner schools and the involvement of the coaches.

This was the first edition of the Foundation Match with schools in Africa. Technicians, coaches and educators from the schools of Dakar, Thies and Tambacounda with Salesian Missions; from Thies with the Xaley Foundation; from the school of Korhogo in Ivory Coast with the ONGD SED; the school of Akassato in Benin with the Proyde Association and the school of Marrakech in Morocco with the Paideia Association.

Aim of the Foundation Match training
The aim of the training is to enable educators to find a space to talk with trainers from other countries in order to educate in values. This time, the activity was very enriching because there were many overlapping points between the participating countries in relation to the characteristics and profile of the beneficiaries and the resources available to the social sports schools.

The topic
The focus was on education in positive conduct and behaviour based on the values of equality, respect and motivation during training sessions and the design of practical strategies for learning these values in the different Real Madrid Foundation's social sports schools.