Entrevista a Rodrygo

Rodrygo: "We’re going to fight until the end in the league"

NEWS | 24/03/2021

“The matches at this stage of the season are the most special ones”, the Brazilian said on Realmadrid TV.
Rodrygo made a guest appearance on Real Madrid Conecta and the Brazilian forward analysed the team’s current situation in LaLiga and the Champions League: “Everyone can see that we fight until the end in every game. This Real Madrid badge always requires us to fight until the end. It doesn’t matter how many points we are off Atlético or Barcelona because we’ll always keep going right to the end. Liverpool will be really tough in the Champions League, but we’re working really hard for everything that is going to come and we hope we can make it through to the next round”.
“All the games are important, but at this stage of the season they are even more so. It’s a special feeling. It fills us with desire to play well and win. These matches are the most special ones”.
Training during international break week
“It’s going to be a long week. There are no games and we’ll have time to train more and more every day so we’re in good shape for when we’re back in action. These sessions are harder than the ones we usually have during normal weeks when we have to recover from the previous games and think about the next ones. As there are no games this week, these sessions are tougher and the lads from Castilla come and help us”.

This week we have time to train harder and gain confidence.

“It’s a shame we have this break now in the league, as we’re on a run of ten unbeaten games, but it gives us time to train and gain more confidence, which will help us get better. I hope we can continue our good run when we return. We’ve been on this run because we are Real Madrid and we never give up”.
On personal form
“I’m really pleased. It was difficult the whole time I couldn’t play. I couldn’t handle not being able to play and having to watch the games on the TV. It was making me angry, but now I’m really happy and working hard every day to try to improve. The hardest thing is getting back into the rhythm and getting that confidence that I’d had before I got injured. The rest is easy”.
Zidane always wants us to press high up the pitch, but we have to keep the shape and the players at the back do too. It’s better to press high up because we’re close to the opposition’s goal and we don’t have to run back 50 metres. He wants us to press high up because it’s what is best for everyone”.
What’s it like on match days for Rodrygo?
“I always try to sleep well and have good meals, but it depends on the time of the game. I stay in my room and focus and sometimes I play videogames. I don’t have many superstitions. I like listening to music before and after going out on the pitch. After the games I always get a message from my dad.  I always call him and we talk”.