The Foundation's first online 'Foundation Match' in the Asia schools

Technicians from six schools in Cambodia, the Philippines and Indonesia were involved.
The digital Foundation Match hosted by the Foundation's social sports schools in Asia-Pacific was a great success. The high level of commitment from the Real Madrid Foundation's coaches was evident. Despite the difficulties of connections due to the remote location of the schools, natural disasters such as the recent floods in Indonesia and the strong restrictions due to coronavirus in the Philippines, the coaches were able to overcome the obstacles and take part in this training event.
It was the first Foundation Match of 2021 and the first event with schools in Asia. Coaches, trainers and educators from Indonesia (belonging to the Banjarbaru and Yogyakarta schools, developed in collaboration with ISSDF), the Philippines (belonging to the Nasugbu and La Carlota schools, developed in collaboration with the Roxas Foundation, and the San Carlos school, which is carried out in collaboration with the Santiago Foundation) and Cambodia (belonging to the Battambang school, which is developed in collaboration with the NGO Sauce) took part.
Development of the digital event
The theme of the event was education in values during training session, specifically addressing the strategies in practice, associated behaviours and tools used by coaches to promote the values of respect, equality and motivation during the training sessions of the social sports schools run by the Real Madrid Foundation.