Real Madrid-Herbalife Gran Canaria

Laso: “I'm really pleased with the hard work and effort put in by the team”

NEWS | 31/01/2021

"It was a difficult game but we stuck together until the end and got the win", Tyus explained.
Pablo Laso and Alex Tyus spoke about Real Madrid's win over Herbalife Gran Canaria in round 22 of the league. The coach commented in the press room at the WiZink Center: "I'm very happy with the win. It's as simple as that. It's our sixth game in 13 days including two difficult trips to Tel Aviv and Berlin and today's game was a very difficult one. We had players out, we were missing a little bit of freshness and we gained some advantages, but they came back with energy and it's not normal for us to miss 10 free throws either. I'm very happy with the work and effort the team put in for this win from a game that we knew was going to be difficult".

"Tyus has been with us for less than a month. It's been a month where we've had a lot of games. As a result, he's not trained much, but he's gradually understanding how the team works, what the team wants, what the team needs and what he can give us. I'm happy with his development and his progression and he's a player who can allow us to rest Tavares, like we did today".

Record in the league
"They deserve a lot of credit. With this schedule, with the situation of postponed games, back-to-back trips, Euroleague games... to have 18 wins in 19 games says a lot about the team and today was a good example. The team competed well against a side with good players. The 18-1 in the league means that the team is working very well and I'm proud of them".

Tyus: "We stuck together".
"It was a difficult game because Gran Canaria played very well. We came off the back of a big effort in the two Euroleague games we won. Today, we stuck together until the end and got the win, which is the important thing".