La Fundación Real Madrid desarrolla casi un millar de proyectos de deporte educativo en todo el mundo

The Foundation runs almost a thousand educational sport projects around the world.

NEWS | 25/01/2021

International Education Day was celebrated as more than 80,000 children are trained in the football and basketball social sports schools.
This Sunday was International Education Day, which is one of the main sustainable development goals that the United Nations has set for 2030. The education and integral education of individuals from an early age is a priority for the Real Madrid Foundation in its more than 650 projects in more than 90 countries and fits perfectly with the strategic objective of the United Nations: "to ensure inclusive, fair and quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all".
The Foundation's social sports schools, as a model of social intervention, as well as the campuses and clinics and the rest of the programmes, are based the Foundation's specific training methodology, For a REAL education: Values and sport, which is structured in different modules to adapt to the different sporting disciplines and groups with different needs in countries with very different realities.

The integral education and development of the individual from childhood is a priority for the Foundation.

The Real Madrid Foundation's basic principle is that educating children, especially children in need, and teaching them the positive values of team sport in a safe environment, is the best way to improve the lives of those who need it the most and to make them drivers of change in their societies.

Benefits of playing sport
Playing and learning through football or basketball in the Foundation's more than 320 international and more than 100 national social sports schools, campuses and clinics creates healthy lifestyle habits. It also helps to motivate people to make an effort and overcome difficulties, to learn and develop respect and companionship for teamwork. Another positive effect is solidarity with those who need it the most, as well as developing a sense of self-esteem and responsible independence.

Integral education
All these values are aimed at the integral education of the person, especially children, teenagers and young people. But they can also be learnt in adulthood, as is the case in the Foundation's socioal sports educational projects for adults, such as projects in prisons, centres for the homeless, physical activity programmes for the elderly and Emprendeporte.