Firma de convenio con Endesa

Endesa and the Real Madrid Foundation renew their collaboration for the eleventh consecutive season

NEWS | 19/01/2021

Felipe Reyes and Ignacio Jiménez, Endesa's Director General of Communications, introduced the alliance.
Enrique Sánchez, Executive Vice-Chairman of the Real Madrid Foundation, presided over the ceremony which saw the renew the partnership between Endesa and the Real Madrid Foundation at the auditorium at Real Madrid City. The basketball team captain, Felipe Reyes, and Endesa's Director General of Communications, Ignacio Jiménez, hosted the present of the partnership.

This alliance with Endesa will cover projects in Spain, Portugal (in collaboration with the Salesian Missions) and Morocco (in collaboration with Paideia) for the eleventh consecutive season, with a special focus on adapted basketball schools in Spain.

Ignacio Jiménez said: "The project we're developing with the Real Madrid Foundation is vital for Endesa, as it enables us to fulfil our global commitment to basketball. We always enjoy saying that Endesa is the basketball company of Spain and this means that our support goes beyond professional basketball, reaching all the children who play this sport and those who, through it, become more integrated into our society".

The collaboration covers projects in Spain, Portugal and Morocco.

"This year, more than ever, we want to show our gratitude to everyone who is part of the Real Madrid Foundation. We know the effort you are making in the midst of the pandemic so that all children can continue to play their favourite sport while working on their personal development".

Felipe Reyes highlighted the importance of the collaboration with organisations like Endesa in the development of projects: "Basketball is a great educational tool, a school of values, which I'm sure improves the lives of those who take part and benefit from it". He also thanked Endesa for their outstanding collaboration "as an organisation that promotes basketball in all its forms, professional, educational, social and amateur".

Beneficiaries of the alliance
During the ceremony, the Foundation's Executive Vice-president, Enrique Sánchez, outlined the main aspects of the collaboration between the two organisations for so many years. Almost 8,000 children in five different countries have benefited from this alliance, which began in 2010 with projects in Brazil and Peru and now focuses on projects in Spain, Morocco and Portugal.

2020-21 season
Once again, around 500 children from the Real Madrid Foundation's adapted basketball schools in Spain have benefited from Endesa's support, enabling them to continue with the scholarship programme and the inclusive days in the social and sports tournament for schools that is soon to begin".