Formación online para las escuelas de la Fundación en Rumanía

Online training for the Foundation's schools in Romania

NEWS | 08/01/2021

The project has run alongside the FDP Association since 2012 and benefits 90 vulnerable minors.
The Real Madrid Foundation delivered a series of online training days for the coaches of the social sports schools in Bucharest (Romania) which are run in collaboration with the FDP Association Protagonists in Education. There were two training days - one aimed specifically at coaches who are new to the system this season, helping them get to grips with the Foundation's For a Real Education: Values through sport methodology- and another for the already hugely experienced coaches, who looked further at the methodology entitled Training football, teaching values, in order to design and apply strategies in practice in order to develop content on values and tactical-technical elements using a comprehensive methodology.

The social sports schools in Romania, which were set up in the 2012/13 campaign, are the most consolidated projects in Europe. Thanks to the support of the UEFA Foundation for Children, they have continued to run this season in collaboration with primary education centres in two areas with weaker educational and socio-economic conditions than elsewhere in the capital (Giulesti-Sarbi and Faur-Republica) as well as schools in sectors 3 and 6. Beyond those well-established areas, the project has also expanded to two further centres in sector two of the city.

Thanks to the Foundation's local partner, the FDP Association-Protagonists in Education, aside from sporting practice, the beneficiaries enjoy extra-curricular tutoring and leisure activities aimed at improving their school performance and social habits. The FDP Association carries out psychological assessments of each beneficiary's family and social situation and put on orientation sessions for the participants and their families.