Real Madrid - Olimpia Milán

Laso: “We never had the feeling of being in control of the game”

NEWS | 08/01/2021

"Tyus is a player who will provide us with energy," said the coach on the center's debut.
Pablo Laso spoke abour the Real Madrid-Olimpia Milan game in round 18of the Euroleague: "We never had the feeling of being in control of the game. What's more, when we came back it was down to energy in the last quarter, with Carroll's shooting and the good defence. Although it was tight, we felt that we were behind. This is a lesson for the future. Milan put in a good performance and played a very solid game".

"We've got a very busy schedule and we have to move on quickly  We're not playing this week due to COVID-19, but next week we have a series of matches that will demand a lot of us and we must be focussed on the next one against Estrella Roja".

" There's no questioning that. We've been looking for players who have brought their energy to the court. We fought on, regardless of the fact that the game opened up a lot in the third quarter and we were at a disadvantage on the scoreboard. We feel that we've been behind for a long time by letting them play offensively".

Tyus' debut
"He is a player who will give us energy. If you see his numbers, they're not mistaken. He's put in the work for us, he's done well. He's managed to change shots, he's rebounded, he's run the field... I'm happy with his debut but I'm sure it's not the best day to evaluate him".