Visita de Solari a la ESD de Getafe

Solari visited the Foundation and Signus school in Getafe

NEWS | 18/12/2020

The wheelchair basketball programme supports around a dozen youngsters.
Real Madrid ambassador Santiago Solari visited the wheelchair basketball social sports school that the Real Madrid Foundation is hosting at the Felipe Reyes pavilion in Getafe. The programme, which is being developed in conjunction with Signus, caters for ten young people with physical and psychological disabilities.
Solari pointed out that "it was an amazing experience. Seeing how they enjoy themselves and learn to play as a team. It's very important that the Foundation continues to support sport for everyone". Solari was accompanied on the visit by Gabriel Leal, Signus' general manager, who outlined the reasons why the used tyre management system supports "a sporting and educational project that responds to the needs of vulnerable youngsters". Leal also spoke about the importance of using recycled rubber in the construction of sports facilities.
This is the second season that Signus has collaborated with the Getafe wheelchair basketball school which began in 2016 and is one of the three locations where the Foundation is providing this activity.