Arranca el Programa Anual de Fútbol de la Fundación en Xichang

The Foundation's Annual Football Programme gets underway in Xichang

NEWS | 27/11/2020

It's the third venue to open in the province of Sichuan (China) and is being run in conjunction with Nimu Sports.
The Real Madrid Foundation's Annual Football Programme is opening a new venue at the Beijing Foreign Language School in Xichang (Sichuan Province, China), together with the operator Nimu Sports. The programme started with more than a hundred boys and girls from the school and will be joined by those that began in June in Puge and Zhao Jue provinces. The project takes the Foundation's methodology to the capital of Liangshan prefecture and to different rural counties.
In the county of Puge, the sessions are held at four schools with a total of 200 children participating. The youngest ones, at the U-10 level, have two training sessions per week, while the older ones, up to U-15s, train four times a week. On top of this, there are training sessions for local coaches every Friday, following the Foundation's methodology.
Zhao Jue is currently working with two educational institutions, but thanks to the excellent response, it is hoped that the collaboration will be extended to more local schools. More than 40 participants enjoy the training sessions, with girls accounting for more than half. It is expected that before the end of the season, the venue in Ya'an county will join and reach a total of around 500 participants.