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The Foundation, Ipsen and Janssen renew their collaboration with the 'Don't get caught offside' campaign

NEWS | 23/11/2020

The goal is to assist in the early detection of prostate cancer.
For the second consecutive season, the Real Madrid Foundation and the pharmaceutical companies Ipsen and Janssen are launching the campaign Don't get caught offside. The aim is to raise awareness of the importance of men taking care of their health and coming to the clinic to have their prostate checked from the age of 50 onwards, thereby helping with the early detection of prostate cancer.
Enrique Sánchez, Executive Vice-president of the Real Madrid Foundation, led the signing of the renewal of this collaboration, in which Aurora Berra de Unamuno, Director General of Ipsen in Spain, Ramiro Negral, Director of Oncology and Haematology of Janssen in Spain, and Emilio Butragueño, Director of Institutional Relations of Real Madrid, were present.

The Real Madrid Foundation will be promoting the growth of moustaches by male coaches for 10 days to raise awareness of men's health, as November is prostate cancer awareness month.

Butragueño: "It's important to keep going to the doctor and to overcome fear".

This movement has been growing in recent years, especially among the relatives of those affected by prostate cancer, who are seeking to raise awareness and public awareness of the prevention of the most prevalent tumour among men in Spain. Throughout the season, there will be different initiatives along the same lines.
Fight against prostate cancer
Butragueño stressed "the importance of keeping going to the doctor and overcoming fear". Aurora Berra de Unamuno pointed out that "it's important that patients and the rest of society know and understand prostate cancer. Our commitment to them means that we can help them with awareness initiatives such as the one we're renewing today. We're delighted to continue working together to reach out to more people and to continue promoting a healthy lifestyle".

Ramiro Negral commented: "When talking about prostate cancer, an early diagnosis can save our lives. That is why we men have to be aware that we have to go regularly to the urologist's office from a certain age. Having the Real Madrid Foundation as an ally is fundamental to reach these objectives, and we're very proud to be able to contribute to the values promoted by the Foundation".