La Fundación Real Madrid y GSK conciencian en el Día Mundial de la EPOC

The Foundation and GSK support the prevention of respiratory diseases on World COPD Day

NEWS | 18/11/2020

Both organisations are launching a campaign to prevent smoking at an early age through the story ‘No y punto porque #FumarNoMola’.
The GSK collaboration with the Real Madrid Foundation continues to focus on raising social awareness for the prevention of respiratory diseases and promoting weekly sports as a contribution to improving the health of children with asthma. To mark the World Day against Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), both organisations are once again running a campaign to help to combat smoking at an early age through the story No y punto porque #FumarNoMola (No, and that's that, because #SmokingIsn'tCool).

This year, the campaign has also been accompanied by a special event for adult participants, with the screening of the short film La Bicicleta de Esther (Esther's Bicycle), produced by GSK, which reflects the life of a COPD patient who has been affected by smoking. Afterwards, there will be a brief talk about the documentary between the participants and Esteban Palomo, director of Patient Advocacy of GSK Spain.
COPD is a respiratory disease caused by the inflammation of the lungs, and was the fourth leading cause of death in Spain last year. Prevention at an early age is key to avoid suffering from this disease. The Foundation and GSK are raising awareness among young people about the harmful effects of smoking through the story No y punto porque #FumarNoMola. The book shows that social acceptance is the main reason that leads young people to smoking. Challenging the rules, peer pressure and even sharing a house with parents who smoke are some of the other causes.