Inaugurado el curso 2020-21 de la Escuela Universitaria Real Madrid Universidad Europea

The 2020/21 academic year opens at the Real Madrid Graduate School - Universidad Europea

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NEWS | 17/11/2020 | Bárbara Jiménez

"Entreprenurialship, leadership, integrity, teamwork and excellence are the values that inspire our postgraduate school", commented Butragueño.
Emilio Butragueño, the director of institutional relations at Real Madrid and director general of the Real Madrid Graduate School - Universidad Europea was on hand to open the 2020/21 academic year at the  Alcobendas campus. The ceremony was also attended by Elena Gazapo, dean of the Universidad Europea; and Raúl González.
The 15th cohort consists of students of over 50 nationalities who are studying for 20 master's degrees related to the various areas within the sports industry, including management, communications, law, nutrition and sport physiotherapy. In his welcoming address, Butragueño commented: "I firmly believe in training as a key element within the development of our society. Our school has grown greatly and is now a leading international school in the sports field. I'd like to highlight the school's international character, which was one of the major objectives and is today an essential element for us all". 

"Studying a master's is a very significant decision. Amongst all the options out there, you've chosen us. We're ready and convinced that come the end of June, you'll believe that it's been worth the effort on the strength of the experience we've gained over the years, which enables us to offer highly attractive programmes and because we boast teaching staff of the highest quality and of undisputable prestige in the sector".

The 15th cohort features students of over 50 nationalities studying on 20 master's courses.

"I'd like to stress Real Madrid's commitment to the school. A total of 93% of our students end up working in the sports industry a year after they graduate. You must constantly think about your values because they're what set you apart from others, inspire our conduct and define our personality. Entreprenurialship, leadership, integrity, teamwork and excellence are the values that inspire our postgraduate school. Seek to produce your best and show your excellence. You're all here to achieve a dream, follow it until you achieve it. We're here to help you".

Elena Gazapo: “You're part of a leading school in the sports industry
"You're now part of a family, a leading school in the sports industry and a successful project, where you'll receive excellent training related to Real Madrid's leading business model. This is a club whose outstanding history is synonymous with success and which represents great values, such as commitment, effort, teamwork and respect. To be the best, you've got to be alongside the rest. We want you to live this Real Madrid experience to the full and we're committed to ensuring that's the case". 
Raúl: “I pass Madrid's values on to my players"
"I want to wish all the students all the best for this academic year. Values are an important part of things at this club. I had a dream and passion that was to become a footballer. I joined this club at the age of 15 and accomplished my dream at 17. I had some great people around me and many players who passed on all of the Real Madrid values. I became the player and person I am today at this club, which I consider to be my home".

"Never give up, be gracious, show respect, improve every day, try to give your all, know how to lose and win... There are many values that shape your lifestyle and I now have to pass those values on to my players. The master's I studied came in each hotel stay and trip as I listened and learned from everyone".

The ceremony was closed with a conversation between Butragueño and Raúl in front of the school's newest recruits. The ceremony to begin the academic year was rounded off with a traditional group photo.