La Fundación Real Madrid en el Foro virtual internacional FIST 2020

Real Madrid Foundation takes part in Foro Virtual Internacional FIST 2020

NEWS | 17/11/2020

Fútbol, Innovación Social y Tecnológica (Football, Social Innovation & Technology) is an event organised by the NGO Fútbol con Corazón (Football with Heart) with the support of the Inter-American Development Bank.
The head of the Real Madrid Foundation's socio-sporting projects in America, Mateo Figueroa, gave a presentation at the Foro Virtual Fútbol, Innovación Social y Tecnología (FIST 2020) on the organisation's work on the American continent, where it leads projects in over 22 countries and has over 23,000 beneficiaries across its 176 programmes. 
The aim of these events, organised by the charity organisation Fútbol con Corazón with the support of the Inter-American Development Bank, a Real Madrid Foundation partner, is to promote football as a sustainable tool for social impact through education and technology. The Foundation took part in the forum as a global role model on the strength of its 900-plus socio-sporting projects across five continents and its over 90,000 direct beneficiaries each season.
Projects in Ibero-America & Caribbean
Figueroa highlighted the Real Madrid Foundation's work in Ibero-America and the Caribbean over the past two decades, with over 23,000 participants in 22 countries and more than 170 schools and projects that have managed to adapt to the current pandemic. In addition, the values-based training has continued, with activities run to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 in the communities where the projects are run.

The Foundation's partners in each country have managed to adapt their services to directly address the needs of the families, whilst also holding online sessions on values and sport in line with the methodology established by the club's Training department.