Firma de convenio entre la Fundacioón Real Madrid y Ecopilas

Ecopilas renews collaboration agreement with Foundation for 10th consecutive year

NEWS | 12/11/2020

The agreement ensures the sustainability of the socio-sporting schools in Segovia and Seville and allows the organisation to continue its environmental education efforts.
Once again this year, Ecopilas, the organisation responsible for the recycling of batteries across Spain, has renewed its support of the Real Madrid Foundation's socio-educational endeavours. The Foundation's executive vice-president, Enrique Sánchez; the president of Ecopilas, José Pérez; and Real Madrid ambassador, Santiago Solari, attended the ceremony held to sign the agreement, now in its 10th season, between the two parties.
The support offered by Ecopilas funds the running of the socio-sporting schools for integration in Segovia and Seville. The link-up between Ecopilas and the Real Madrid Foundation also serves to raise awareness and educate the students who take part in the socio-sporting schools throughout Spain about the environment and the importance of recycling.

Solari commented that: "In these tough times that we're facing, it's essential that the youngest members of our society are made aware of the importance of caring for and making the most of our resources because recycling is what'll allow us to extend our planet's lifespan. That's why Ecopilas, more just a collaborator, is an environmental partner, a companion on our journey to teach the new generations to be better, both on the field of play and at home and within society". 

Over half a thousand youngsters have enjoyed participating in the Segovia and Seville-based schools over the past 10 seasons.

For his part, Pérez noted: "When we began our relationship with the Real Madrid Foundation a decade ago, we launched our strategy to link sport with one of the cornerstones of our work: raising awareness, training and promoting habits to protect the environment amongst society. Linking this activity with a sports organisation that's as prestigious and well-known as Real Madrid has yielded amazing results that we hope to continue to witness".
Over the course of the past 10 seasons, over half a thousand youngsters have taken part in activities run by the schools in Segovia and Seville, along with all of the students who have participated in the environmental education activities, thanks to the battery recycling competition run each year by the Foundation amongst the pupils from the socio-sporting schools, with a view all of which aims to prove that a cleaner future represents a victory for all.