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Valencia - Real Madrid

Courtois: “We've got to be mentally strong and keep going"

NEWS | 08/11/2020 | Bárbara Jiménez

"It was a tough game, we've got to improve", said Lucas.
After Real Madrid's match at Mestalla, Courtois and Lucas Vazquez gave their opinions. The goalkeeper said: "We started the match well, we went 1-0 up, we didn't keep pressing high and then went behind. There were three penalties against us. They didn't create many chances, the first one was a penalty because of a Lucas handball, I saved it, they took it again and I came close to saving it again. And the second goal was a bit of bad luck. After the break we were looking to turn things around because I think we could have done it today".

"When we come back we have difficult matches: Villarreal, who are very strong, and Inter, where we are playing for the Champions League. So we can't let this match affect us too much, we have to be mentally strong, know what we've done wrong and keep improving".
"Just at the start of the second half I made a good save that hit the post and then two more penalties. We had a lot of chances to score, but today it didn't want to go in. Before the second goal I heard that Asensio was fouled, but the decisions was made and we can't change anything".

Courtois: "We started the game well and in the second half it was difficult for us to respond".

"We're playing more attacking football and pressing hard, but you can conced a goal like we did against Huesca because it's difficult to keep a clean sheet, but we have to get back together like we did after the lockdown or at the beginning of the season, when we hardly conceded any goals. Today it was three penalties and a goal due to bad luck, they didn't create any chances".
Missing Casemiro
"The philosophy of the coach is that there are 25 of us and all 25 can play because the season is long. We started the game well and in the second half it was difficult for us to respond. Some players weren't here today, but those who played did well. We lost and that' s not good, but now we're going away with the national teams and it's time to put this match behind us".

Lucas: “It was a tough game, we've got to improve”
“As a team, we came into the game on the back of several pretty good performances, in which we performed to our best and tonight's was a tough game. We just weren't at it, we’ll have to analyse it, learn from it and improve.  We've been using the same system of rotations for the last five years with the coach, he does what's in the team’s best interests and we try to be in the best possible shape to perform well”.
Competitive title race
“It'll be a really interesting, open and hard-fought La Liga season. Let's hope that we can ultimately take the title”.
“I was running at speed, the ball came out quickly and I didn't have time to get my hand out of the way. I think it was a penalty and we just have to put up with it”.