Barcelona - Real Madrid

Zidane: “It was a team victory and a perfect display"

NEWS | 24/10/2020 | Javier Vázquez | PHOTOGRAPHER: Antonio Villalba

“In the second half we had two or three chances to score a fourth”, said the coach.
Real Madrid came out on top in the Clásico and Zinedine Zidane appeared in the Camp Nou press room to assess the win: "I'm thrilled for the players. It's a team victory. We put on a perfect display. Taking all three points here is not easy. We had to think like a team and it was a great game to do just that. It's only 3 points. At the same time, especially given the criticism we've faced recently, we have to stay calm, stick together and play when we have to play, just as we did today".

“Ultimately, we've put in a great performance against a team that we know play wide open. It was a good game, we deserve it and I'm pleased for the players after all that's been said in recent days. I'm thrilled for them. Finishing off with Luka's fantastic goal, I saw the team together, a real tight unit and I'm pleased for them because they're the ones who put a shift in out on the pitch. We should be happy and enjoy what we've managed to do".

Has the team been treated unfairly?
“I don't know about unfairly. In the end that's not going to change and we've talked about it several times... What I can say, is that I'm proud of my team. I think we delivered a great performance. We were up against a side who can cause you real problems at their ground. In the second half we had 2 or 3 chances to get the fourth goal. Now we have to rest up well and turn our attentions to Tuesday's game because it's upon us already".


“In football everyone can explain things, but sometimes there is no explanation. We had problems in the previous two games and it can happen. What we have to think about is what we did today and what we want to do is repeat this. Before the two defeats we also played good games. Last year we had several very good games and we have to connect with that as much as possible, but sometimes that's hard to do."

Belief in the team
“We aren't here to silence people. We believe in what we do, being together when we have to be and that is what we did today. We did it as a team, when it came to defending we were in a compact, strong block, and with an open team like Barça we found holes two or three times and in the end that's what it's about”.

“We know what Sergio is and what he represents, not just as a player. He always has a positive influence on the pitch and we always want him in our team. I'm happy for both him and for the team. Because in the end it's important to see the team play as it did today. The players worked together and ran for each other. We got the three points and thankfully Sergio didn't feel any discomfort from his injury”.

The penalty
“There's a referee there. He went to watch the incident and then awarded the penalty. I never speak about the referees, which is a complicated and difficult thing not to do, and I'm not going to start today. He saw the incident and blew his whistle, and that's all there is to it. Regardless of penalty, I think we deserve the victory because we made it 1-3 and we could have scored more. Barça also had their chances, but I think the victory is well deserved”.