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Zidane: “We want and expect a lot from the Champions League"

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NEWS | 20/10/2020

“We have to stick together and be ready to play against Shakhtar, they're a good side and they've shown that", said the coach.
Zinedine Zidane appeared in the media room at Real Madrid City following the team's final training session ahead of their Champions League opener against Shakhtar. The coach said: “It's what we want. We're at home and it's a Champions League game. We prepare for exactly these types of games and it's good to be starting out in another competition. Tomorrow is a Champions League clash and we want to start off on the right foot".

“We know who we are and what we want. The important thing is to prepare well. There are a lot of teams who could win the Champions League, as ever, but this club is one of them and we try and go all the way every year. It will be difficult, there will be tough times. Even if you manage to win it, you have difficult spells during the season, that's to be expected. We, like many teams, want and expect a lot from the Champions League”.

“He's back out on the pitch, the only thing is, his injury was more severe than we first thought. I have full trust in the people who work here with us. I hope we'll see him back with us soon. The key thing for us is to get him back and fit for the whole season".

Isco & Marcelo
“We're all in the same boat here and criticism makes us all stronger. Knowing where we're at and the situation, there is criticism, even more so after the game the other day but all we can and must do is get back to work. The good thing is that we have a game every three days. We deserve criticism after our performance the other day, me in particular because I'm ultimately responsible. The players fight hard and do their best but sometimes things don't come off".

"We're going to change it up in tomorrow's game but there's always going to be criticism, even when we win. Isco is a decisive player, he's always shown that and I have no doubt in my mind. We want to change things and we will, Isco just like everyone else. I have no doubt about it”.
Sergio has a knock, he didn't train with us this morning because we didn't want to risk him. We'll see what happens tomorrow but he couldn't train normally today". 

“This team has always shown how good it is in difficult times. What I mean is, there are always spells in the season in which we could be better and we will do so, I'm convinced".

We're all in the same boat and criticism makes us all stronger.

"You have to look at the big picture, not just at how we've started the season. Every team has had some difficulties. I'm sure we're going to improve and have days where we do things brilliantly”.
High intensity
“Football has changed from a physical point of view and the intensity is very high nowadays. You have to train well to play at that intensity and I'm all in favour of that, pressing high up and taking the game to the opposition. We know we can cause any team problems if we press high. We could play deeper too and wait, that's another school of thought, but it isn't one I share".
Shakhtar's injury list
“We're preparing for tomorrow's match, that's all we're thinking about. Then we'll focus on other games. Injuries to certain players at Shakhtar won't change anything, they're a competitive side and they'll send out a team of players who are ready for the match. They have a big squad. We have to be prepared to play against a side who have shown how good they are".
Defeat to Cádiz
“We're always talking about the same things, we know what we have to do. When we lose, there is always criticism. We had a bad game, but tomorrow we've got another one to change that. We work every day, we're together and we'll fight for everything we have in front of us".
Mistakes against Mallorca last year and Cádiz
“We dropped three points in both games, that's the reality. I won't get into details. We know what we want to do and that won't change after Mallorca last year. We want to play well and win games, that's what we prepare for. Sometimes you have games where things don't go as you wish. We've got a game tomorrow and I don't know what's going to happen this season but we'll fight hard to do a good job and make our people proud. That might be tough sometimes, as it was in the game the other day”.

“He's always shown what a fantastic goalkeeper he is. He needed time to adapt to a big club like Real Madrid. I don't think anyone had any doubts about Thibaut. He's getting better every day and you can see that. It's a positive thing for the team and for him. If every player in our squad plays at 100%, we'll be a tough team to beat, so we'll do our best to be at 100% in every match".