Real Madrid - Valencia Basket

Laso: “The turnovers proved costly”

NEWS | 16/10/2020

"We come away with the taste of defeat but we have to keep working", said Garuba after the match.
Pablo Laso and Usman Garuba spoke at the end of the Real Madrid match against Olimpia Milan. The coach said: "When you look at the stats, I think it is very clear that our turnovers proved costly. There is no team that can win with 17 turnovers and that is something we have to improve. We moved the ball well in the first half. I'm logically disappointed because we lost the game, but at the same time I saw a lot of good things that the team did."

“When you lose you can think anything but for me it was not a problem in the second half. It's a consistency problem from the beginning in the game and we didn't have it”.

Garuba: “Now we have to focus on Bilbao Basket”
"We come away with the taste of defeat but we have to know it is a long season. We have to keep working and think about the next game against Bilbao, which will be tough. We have to keep working and improving every day to reach our goals."