Real Madrid - Khimki

Laso: “I'm pleased with the win and the team's efforts”

NEWS | 14/10/2020 | Edu Bueno

“I'd like to think we still haven't seen my best”, said Laprovittola following the win over Khimki.
Pablo Laso and Nicolás Laprovittola asses Real Madrid's win over Khimki on Euroleague matchday three: The coach reflected: “We pretty much decided the clash in the first three quarters. Both teams were scoring points freely but we felt as though we had a good advantage and managed it well. I'm pleased with the win but we have to move on quickly because we've got another Euroleague game in 48 hours”.
“Both Llull and Laprovittola showed great accuracy on their shooting, read the pick&roll situations well and really opened up the offense for us. We were able to keep finding them and they were superb from an offensive perspective. Llull did a fantastic job defensively too. I'm happy with their performances. It was a wide open game offensively and we've posted some very good percentages. I'm pleased with the team's efforts”.
“It was a bit of a strange game. They had a lot of players out and we lacked a bit of spark and focus, particularly in defense. Today we showed much better offensive levels than in our previous couple of Euroleague games. We're in a unique situation and I try to make sure the team is ready to play every day, I don't think about anything more. We have to focus on continuing our work. We're in October and there's a long way to go yet; all I'm concerned with is growing as a team".

Laso: “Llull and Laprovittola had they eye in today".

“It's a strange situation for everyone. The games have been very odd ever since the fans have been unable to come. I hope we can see the halls full again and return to normal as soon as possible".
Laprovittola: “The win was the most important thing”
“The win was the most important thing. We were good in certain spells. We can't stop and think too much about games that have finished because we have a tough schedule and now it's on to Milan. I like to think we haven't seen the best of Laprovittola. In this second year I have a different demeanour and you can tell. But we have to keep going, this has only just started".
A different kind of basketball
“These are the circumstances we're faced with right now and we have to live with them. As professionals we have to be ready for whatever comes and give it our all on court. We have to get used to it. If it feels like a cold atmosphere, we have to make it hotter by bringing all that energy and desire".


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