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Elecciones a socios representantes

Election results for representative club members

NEWS | 05/10/2020

The results can be viewed via the online club members' platform.
Real Madrid hosted the elections for its representative members for the period between 1 July 2020 and 30 June 2024 on 3 and 4 October at the Real Madrid City offices. A total of 1,955 representative members were elected, a figure which represents 28 per 1,000 members, barring the section featuring 23 members. 
In addition, a draw was also staged in the presence of a notary to complete the numbers of the appointed members, with the members drawn from the 1,000, 41,000, 49,000 and 68,000 groups. The candidates belonging to the 61,000 range were automatically appointed as representative members, given that the required number of 28 candidates all ran for election.

All members are now able to log in to the online club members' platform and view the results of their candidacy, in the event that they ran for election.