Pablo Laso

Laso: “A final is always special and the team is ready”

NEWS | 13/09/2020

“We're up against a great team but we feel in good shape and I hope we can win it", added Tavares.
Pablo Laso and Edy Tavares discussed the Super Cup final following their final training session ahead of the clash with Barça (6:30pm CEST). The Whites coach explained: “Playing a final is always special. I've got that nervous excitement that comes with a final this evening but I'm relaxed too because I know the team is ready. We have to put on a good display in every respect. It's not good enough just to defend, we have to play every possession, rebound, defense, offense wisely, shoot well and make sure our percentages are positive... We'll have to be complete and put in a disciplined performance".

“Nobody gifts you this chance, if you're in a Super Cup final it's because you've been one of the best teams over the last year. We came through a semi-final against very good opposition on their home court and today will be another tough match, Barcelona have some fantastic players. They've got a new coach and they have to adapt to new ideas but it's our job to be competitive from day one. The fact we're playing in a final means we have to compete even harder still".


“In terms of motivation, understanding what it means to play in a final... they know all of that already. I want them to have fun and play a great game, to be aware of everything and follow the game-plan diligently. From there, they'll have to play with the effort and desire which is expected of them".

Tavares: “In a final, you have to be ready to fight”
“We feel in good shape. There are things we can improve on from yesterday's game because we made a few mistakes. We have the chance to do things better today and the team looks good. In a final, we have to turn up ready to fight because if you don't, it's just impossible".

“We're very demanding of ourselves and we think as long as we're focused, there's a real chance of us winning the game. We're up against a very good side who come into it with ambition and a lot of new faces. I hope we can win it".