Real Madrid - Barça

Abalde: "Coming in and getting off to a winning start is fantastic"

NEWS | 13/09/2020 | PHOTOGRAPHER: Víctor Carretero

"The whole team has put in a great deal of work and we're happy to defend the title", said Rudy.
Real Madrid are Super Cup champions. The team won its seventh title in this competition in a match played in Tenerife against Barcelona, and at the end of the game, the key players analysed the match. Abalde said: "I'm very happy, my team-mates make it very easy for me. They have welcomed me wonderfully. I'm very happy. It's a dream for me to be here, a challenge that really motivates me, and it's important to get here and win my first title. There's still a long way to go, but to start with a win is amazing".

"We have spoken to Laso, but above all he wants me to adapt. These are new concepts for me. I'm a player who wants to contribute and help in whatever I can. I can contribute to different facets of the game. Campazzo put in a great performance today, he's the MVP. He's an important player for us".

Rudy: " We're happy to defend the title" 
" I was on target yesterday, but I didn't have those open shots today. I've tried to do a different kind of job. The whole team has done a great job in defence and we're happy to defend the title. It's different, there are no fans, the atmosphere is colder, but if we are here it's because of our fans, because of the people who support us and this title is for them".

Reyes: " We're trying to make our fans happy"
" We've shown once again that this team is very hungry. We were looking forward to a good start to the season and a repeat of the title. We come away happy and satisfied demonstrating what a great team we are and start the season full of energy. This achievement means a lot to us. It is very difficult to be every year fighting for titles. We really miss the fans and are looking forward to playing in front of them. We try to do our best to make them happy".

Llull: "This title means a lot to me"
"It means a lot as we continue to win things and against a team like Barcelona. We put in two great performances. We have to keep improving, polishing up small details and incorporating new things into the game. The team is in good shape and with a lot of energy. We're going to try to fight for every title this season".


"We had to go out focused, it was going to be a long game. The team played really well and we have to celebrate. This is a team that never gives up. We've had moments when we've been down and we've kept fighting. This is the best quality that the team has, that continues fighting until the end, like the badge".

Deck: "We were up to the task"
"Very happy for the whole team. This is the first title of the season. The team has had two very hard games with two great opponents. The final was played play by play and we were able to get the win. We try to give everything during the whole season and hopefully we can do it this time too. This is my third year and it's my third Super Cup too and that shows the winning mentality that we have. Hopefully we can continue on this road".

Tavares: "We step up in these games"
"You always have to be prepared for this kind of match and you see everyone taking a step forward when they turn up. Today we saw how difficult Barcelona made it. It's a team that closes a lot and it was very difficult for me to turn towards the hoop to shoot. I had to defend, to help the team as much as I can and in the defence which is what represents me".

Alocén: "It's easy to play with these players"
"I'm very happy to have won this title. Coming here and being able to get the first title is really satisfying for me. Now we have to enjoy it with the team. It's true that I've not been here long, I've been adapting. It's very easy to play alongside these players because their quality is so high. They have shown me their rituals after winning titles. Now it's time to celebrate and train again on Tuesday".