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Real Madrid achieve the highest score in the Football Club Transparency Index

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NEWS | 10/08/2020

The club scored 100 points in the ranking prepared by Transparency International Spain after analysing 48 different indicators for teams in the First and Second Divisions.
Real Madrid recorded the maximum score in the third edition of the Football Club Transparency Index (INFUT), released on Monday by the organisation Transparency International Spain. Real Madrid scored 100 points in a ranking that measures the level of transparency of First and Second Division clubs through an evaluation process made up of 48 indicators divided into five areas: information about the club; relations with members, fans and the general public; economic and financial transparency; transparency in contracting and supplies; and indicators of the Transparency Law.
For each indicator, clubs can receive 1, 0.5, or 0 points depending on whether the information is published, partially published, or not published. Based on this information, Transparency International Spain prepare the final ranking. The organisation explains that the INFUT does not measure the quality of the information or the quality of the management, but only whether the information is available or not. In addition to Real Madrid, 11 other clubs in the First Division and 7 in the Second Division scored 100 points.