Más de 300 participantes en el clínic de la Fundación celebrado en Suecia

More than 300 participants in the Foundation's clinic in Sweden

NEWS | 07/08/2020

The beneficiaries enjoyed technical sessions delivered by the professionals endorsed by the club's academy.
For another year, this summer's Real Madrid Foundation clinics have been held in Stockholm (Sweden), in collaboration with CoachEvents. More than 300 children who are already playing football for different teams, took part in this technical education experience and enjoyed a range of football training sessions with the Foundation professionals, endorsed by the club's academy.
This time around, five local coaches also received training in the values through football methodology and there was a specific clinic aimed at goalkeepers. The Real Madrid Foundation's clinic program is a line of short-term educational activities designed to help in perfecting specific techniques, aimed at teams of kids who have already started out on their football journey and who want to improve elements of their game.
Just like the rest of the Foundation's socio-educational activities, the clinics instil the positive values of team sports, such as team spirit, hard work and self improvement, the creation of health lifestyle habits, respect and solidarity.