Alberto Abalde se incorpora al Real Madrid de Baloncesto

Abalde: "Madrid is the best club in the world"

NEWS | 21/07/2020

"I'm joining a winning team that always fights for silverware on all fronts, and my dream is to stay here for many years", the forward told Realmadrid TV.
Alberto Abalde is at pains to hide his excitement and desire to get down to work under Pablo Laso after having joined Real Madrid. In his first interview with the club's official media channels, the Galician forward commented: "I'm really happy and excited about this new chapter in my career and life. I'm joining the best club in the world and a winning team that always fights on all fronts for silverware. It's a massive challenge and I can't wait to get started".

"It was a really easy decision because it's a dream come true to play for Real Madrid, which is the best team int the world and allows you to compete on all fronts. My dream and hope is to spend many years here and lift lots of trophies. I hope to be able to celebrate a lot of success with the Real Madrid fans".

"I'm looking forward to finding out what day-to-day life is like for a winning team that fights for all of the trophies. I'm really raring to get going and adapt as quickly as possible to go all out. I hope that my adaptation is easy. At the end of the day, having teammates with so much quality on the court will make everything so much easier. I'm really raring to go and think I'll fit in well within the group".

Having teammates with so much quality will make my adaptation much easier.

"My aim is to make a contribution. I'm joining a winning team and I want to be an additional piece that strengthens the team wherever the coach and team needs me. I'm a player who can offer things in various departments and my aim is to help in whatever way I can".

ACB debut at 18
"I feel really fulfilled. It's been a long journey and luckily and with hard work, things have all worked out well. I'm now joining this great club with many dreams still to achieve. The training I received at Joventut was key to be where I am because it's a club that does some really good work in the academy. I was lucky to have Paco Redondo as coach for several years and it's great to link back up with him now at Real Madrid”.

Family links with basketball
"Being the son of a basketball player has had a big influence on me. From a young age, it was what was instilled in us at home and my sister, Lucía, was the first to start. Seeing my sister play for the Spain youth teams and her club teams encouraged me all the more. I've been passionate about this sport from a very young age".