Acto institucional de celebración de la 34ª Liga

Institutional event celebrating the 34th league title


NEWS | 17/07/2020

"This league title will go down as the most difficult at the most difficult time," said Florentino Perez at a ceremony held at Real Madrid City, which was also attended by the president of the Community and the Mayor.
Real Madrid City hosted the institutional event to celebrate the 34th league title, which was attended by President Florentino Pérez; the Real Madrid squad; the President of the Autonomous Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso; and the Mayor, José Luis Martínez-Almeida. The president of the Madrid club was the first to speak: "We are living in a time full of difficulties, risks and unexpected challenges. For all these reasons this new league title is something special for madridismo. This is not just one more LaLiga. It is our 34th league title. A season that, more than ever, represents an example in the face of adversity. Football has been able to face a very difficult situation, unprecedented, and all of us, based on unity, have been able to bring back a sport that is part of people's lives. It's been a huge achievement.

" We will remember this league season all our lives and it will always be the most difficult league title at the most difficult time. This team has given its all thanks to an extraordinary amount of hard work and endless dedication. This group of players, led by our captain Sergio Ramos, has done it again because they have no limits. You have been able to understand what this title meant to Real Madrid at this moment by uniting all the values that are represented on our badge and on our jersey".

Difficult circumstances
"All titles are very difficult to win, but they are even more difficult to win in these circumstances than we had ever imagined. Today, we, the madridistas from all over the world, are proud of our team and we feel closer than ever to the players who have enhanced the legend and the history of Real Madrid. But first of all I want to tell you that our feelings about the victory, our emotions, our memories and our memories are with all those who have suffered, and suffer, the pain caused by this pandemic.
"And many of those who have left us have been part of the history of Real Madrid. Employees of the club, members, fans, directors, legendary players like Goyo Benito or Ico Aguilar among others, our coach Radomir Antic and of course our beloved president Lorenzo Sanz. This is a hard time for the whole country and for everyone and from here we also want to convey our appreciation to all the people who have been and continue to be on the front line fighting this COVID-19 pandemic.

The behaviour of the fans as an example
"This league title has been won with the strength of our supporters. Our members and fans are always with us. They have not been able to be in the stands, but they have been in the hearts of our players. They have felt the support and strength of all the madridistas from all over the world. And our players have given everything out on the pitch for them. A league title won in an emblematic place: the Alfredo Di Stéfano stadium. The man who changed the history of Real Madrid and who has been a guide and a source of inspiration for our destiny.
"This league title is also the result of the dedication and effort of all the workers at Real Madrid, who have been up to the challenge of what this club represents. As our fans have been with exemplary behavior and responsibility in these recent hours. Thanks to our fans, who last night knew how to enjoy this wonderful victory while respecting the protocols and security measures in the fight against the Coronavirus".

Florentino Pérez: "Zidane has once again led our team to success based on humility, strength and intelligence".

"A team whose coach is also a symbol of our values. Zinedine Zidane has once again led our team to success based on humility, strength and intelligence. Thank you, Zizou. You have all reaffirmed a motto that is part of our essence and is our philosophy of life: Real Madrid never gives up and confronts difficulties with winning passion".

Restarting the competition
"Football is an immense and wonderful generator of hope and can and must help in the struggle to regain our normality. I would like to congratulate all those who have made it possible for us to return. Our league is the best and the most competitive in the world, and its return has also contributed to the image of a Spain that is capable of facing up to difficulties".

Madrid as a starting point
"Dear President, dear Mayor, thank you for sharing this title with us at Real Madrid City. In the past, we have always gone to the headquarters of the Community and the City Council to offer our titles to the people of Madrid and I thank you for coming to our house on this occasion to receive this offer. The city of Madrid and the people of Madrid have suffered a lot in recent months because of this pandemic and we dedicate this league title to all of them.
"We are a universal club but Madrid is our starting point. We were born here 118 years ago and from here we proudly carry the name of our city and our community around the world. We have suffered and cried but we will show that we are capable of standing up as we have always done throughout history. We have the capacity to sacrifice, the spirit to overcome, the talent and the desire to work so that Spain and our city continue to be a benchmark in the world. This league title, our 34th, is also for Madrid and for all the madridistas around the world".
Ramos: "This league title belongs to all madridismo"
"It's a day to remember the people who have had a hard time with the pandemic and hopefully this league title will serve to ease some of that pain. Also for the people who have made the return of football and sport possible. We must also be very thankful to our fans, who have been exemplary and have not gone to Cibeles despite the fact that we all would have liked to have gone. This league title belongs to the whole madridismo. It has taken a lot of hard work and sacrifice and we should never get tired of winning and continue to take advantage of the opportunity that life gives us to play in the world's team . We will keep on winning. Hala Madrid".

Martínez-Almeida: "You had it harder than ever, but you performed as always"
"I want to thank the commitment and responsibility the Madrid fans have shown to the city. The example of the club with that statement and the fans exemplifies the values of a model club, with a universal appeal and which carries the name of Madrid all over the world. You deserved it and when you win 10 matches after a break there are no discussions or debates. You are the deserved champions of a very special league and your effort and that desire of improvement is what has driven you to be able to win this league. You had it harder than ever, but you have performed as always. This is also a tribute to all those who have died in this pandemic.
Díaz Ayuso: "Congratulations for being crowned champions in such adverse circumstances"
"Congratulations on being crowned champions at such a unique time and under such adverse circumstances. You are taking Madrid's brand to every corner of the world. You have shown that you are worthy of representing the club and that you bring joy to the fans. I want to acknowledge the code of conduct you've followed and highlight Zidane's role as coach, who is a true gentleman, and Sergio's for that leadership and desire to excel. What you have achieved is due to your self-belief. I conclude with a quote from Di Stefano: 'No player is as good as all of them together'.

The event ended with a group photo and the presentation of a commemorative plaque by the President of the Madrid Community and the Mayor, who received a replica of the La Liga trophy and a commemorative shirt signed by the champions.