Carlos Alocen se incorpora al Real Madrid de Baloncesto

Alocén: “I want to help Madrid keep winning titles”

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NEWS | 15/07/2020

The point guard joins Laso's team after being named the best young player in the ACB for the second consecutive year.
Carlos Alocén (30/12/2000, Zaragoza) joins Real Madrid for the 2020/21 season. The point guard arrives at the club after being named the best young player in the ACB for the second consecutive year. In his first interview with Realmadrid TV he said: "I'm very happy to belong to Real Madrid and I hope this new stage will go well. The challenge I have is to go step by step. This club always aims to win everything and I want to do my bit to keep it that way, winning titles like the club has done up to now".

"It's a big change. I've been living in Zaragoza all my life, but I wanted to come to Madrid. I'm looking forward to this new stage. From the first moment you arrive here and see the facilities you realize that it is one of the biggest clubs, if not the biggest. The level is very high and I'm happy to represent this jersey".

Style of play
"I'm a point guard who likes to run, involve the whole team in the game and Madrid's style of play could be good for me. I like to have a good time on the court, to help my teammates and to make them feel part of the game, to penetrate towards the basket, I'm improving my three-point shooting... That's the thing I enjoy the most and Madrid as a team also has that style".

"I've been following Madrid's path since I was a child, especially since Laso arrived. The titles that have been won is something to be admired, and the biggest contributors have been the players and a coach like Pablo Laso. I want to start now and learn things from him, who was also a point guard, and I think that could realy help me".

The interest of Real Madrid
"At a lunch with my parents, my manager told me. I was a bit shocked, I was silent for a while and didn't speak. A lot of things go through your mind, but the first thing that comes to you is excitement. That a team like Real Madrid is interested in you makes you very happy. I was taking it in for a while, it was difficult for me".

I'm a point guard who likes to run and assist and Madrid's style of play could be good for me.

"I think the time is right after two good seasons at Zaragoza. I've been learning, training and things have gone very well, both individually and for the team. I believe that I'm arriving in my best form and that realy makes me want to go in to this new stage of my career with a big smile on my face. I hope we can achieve a lot together".

His debut in the ACB at the age of 15
"I was 15 years old and very nervous. On top of that, it was at the WiZink Center. There were a lot of people watching, it was against Real Madrid and everything was huge for a 15-year-old. During the time I was out on the court, I was very nervous, but it passed with time. I remember it was very special. The fact that in the future, I could be playing in the WiZink makes it even more special".

Personal goals on the court
"I'm here to raise my game to a level I haven't yet reached. It's true that I have a lot of things to improve on, like my shooting from the outside and my physique. And to take more and more steps to get what I want, which is to be here for a ong time".

"I've been watching Euroleague for a long time, just like Madrid. It's more special to play in it now at 19, but it's clearly a challenge. Euroleague is anothr big step, you have to be prepared for it, but I'm looking forward to starting and playing in such a strong league like that".

Hello to the Real Madrid fans
"Hello madridistas, I'm very happy to belong to this club, to be at my new home and to be able to enjoy playing for Real Madrid. I hope, that we can achieve a lot together, new challenges and ¡Hala Madrid!