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Los torreones del lateral de Padre Damián

The towers on the Padre Damián side of the ground


NEWS | 07/07/2020

Along with the towers on Paseo de la Castellana, they will be part of the support for the new roof.
The construction of the new towers on the Padre Damián side of the ground has already begun. These structures are called pendulums and their purpose is to serve as support for the new roof, a function shared with the new towers on the Paseo de la Castellana. There will be four supports for the future roof, one in each corner of the stadium.

It will be built using five large sections that will be assembled on site. There is also a need for a foundation that can withstand a heavy load, which is why high-strength concrete is used. The height of each pendulum is 52 meters and their weight is approximately 400 tons.

Built of high strength steel, they will withstand vertical and horizontal stresses. They will also have the capacity to rotate to accompany the movements of the structure. This is possible thanks to the two rollers that are located in the support wedges of each tower and that enable a relative rotation. With the construction of the roof, each of the four supports (the two pendulums of the Padre Damián towers and the two Paseo de la Castellana towers ) will support 25% of the total load.