Real Madrid - Casademont Zaragoza

Laso: "The team has been magnificent this season"

NEWS | 26/06/2020 | PHOTOGRAPHER: Víctor Carretero (Valencia)

"When the season was suspended, the team was in far better shape compared to how we arrived here", explained the coach.
Pablo Laso reflected on Real Madrid's victory over Casademont Zaragoza in the final match-up of the league's Final Phase: "It was a difficult game for both teams, but I want to give my players credit because right throughout the game we showed ourselves to be capable of playing well in situations against a team that gave us a tough game. We controlled the play and I'm pleased with the win".

"The conclusions about the tournament is that it was very open. We'd been out of action for almost three months and we've been knocked out on the points difference. We lost two games and that's why we're out". 
Assessment of season
"I said it before the game and I congratulated them on their season. I think that my team has been magnificent. The players did really well. We had a really tough start, with players who came back from the World Cup that practically landed and played in the Super Cup. We won the Super Cup. We struggled to get going but the team then get into a good groove. We were second in the EuroLeague and there were six games to go in the league, where we were second, we had to play the leaders and we also managed to win the Copa del Rey after a great tournament campaign".
"We've all been through what was a unique situation and not just Pablo Laso. I don't go away from here feeling happy because I'd have liked to have competed better and for the team to have headed into it in better shape. It's a different kind of tournament. I always like to win. If you were to ask me about the point when the season was suspended, I'd tell you that we were in far better shape then compared to how we arrived here".