Rueda de prensa de Rudy Fernández

Rudy: "There are two games left to try to get the first place"

NEWS | 23/06/2020

"We always like to be at our best and to compete at the highest level", said the forward.
The day before the fourth match of the Final Phase of the Endesa League against MoraBanc Andorra, Rudy Fernández gave a virtual press conference where he talked about how the competition is developing: "To begin with, we knew that this tournament was somewhat unconventional due to the situation we are going through. We knew the need to win yesterday and we set up a very tough match. Valencia also played at a very high level and we didn't decide until the end. Now there are two matches left to try to get the first place. We have to be prepared because this tournament is very demanding".

"I agree that we always like to be at our best and be able to compete in the best way. In this championship, if I'm honest, it's difficult to be at 100% because you haven't even had good preparation, as it's been different to the ones we usually have, and that's not only on a physical level, but also on a mental one. The competition is demanding for everyone involved, but physically you can see that not all players are at 100%".

Similarities with the national team
"With the national team the tournaments are different, we've started the competition well and in the end managed to win the world championship. We know that in this tournament you have to be good in the last matches, but it is not similar to a European or a World Cup, here there are 6 teams, only 2 qualify and then it's the semi-finals and final without any rest. After 3 months of confinement that has a lot of impact on how Pablo will manage the team. The good thing is that we have a large squad to cope with that".


"We knew the importance of the Valencia game and we had to come out ahead. We were lucky that Campazzo had a great match and the other players supported him. So we were happy to get that win because we knew that if we lost it would make it more difficult to qualify. We've got two more games to go now and hopefully we'll reach the semi-finals in the best possible shape".

"When we got here, we were motivated to win the championship. It's different to what we've experienced in recent years, but we're aware that every game is a final for us. There can be games like the one against Burgos that can help you keep your feet on the ground and remind you that there are other teams competing who have the attitude to win".

"I always try to help the team, whatever the situation. For us this is all complicated, because it is not something we have experienced. We've lived through a pandemic and now to play is the least of our worries. I'm worried about the outside, which is a virus that's taking a lot of people away. We've come here to try to win a title, although not being able to be with your family is proving to be very hard. We have a chance to help people forget their problems because of the pandemic and we' re here because of them".