Real Madrid - Valencia Basket

Laso: "The team did a really good job"

NEWS | 22/06/2020 | PHOTOGRAPHER: Víctor Carretero (Valencia)

"We have to be really focused in our play because all the teams here demand that of you", commented the coach after the game.
Pablo Laso reflected on Real Madrid's 95-90 victory over Valencia Basket in the third round of the final phase of the league season: "The team did a really good job. We suffered on the inside with fouls, but we managed to seek out the best solution in offense. In the first half and the second there were times when we weren't scoring points and I didn't want that to play on our minds. The offense was well worked. We were really good offensively and defensively, covering the gaps. I'm really pleased with the work put in by all of them".

"The second half was extremely evenly matched, to such an extent that the fouls that we had on the inside players made us change things and use everyone. We were determined throughout and were focused on aspects of the game that are really important to us winning games".

Physical & mental demands
What I would take away with me is the boost that this win gives us in terms of morale. We knew it was a really important game for us, after having lost our last match. It's a five-team group and the fitness levels of all of the teams is rather particular, as is this tournament. In 48 hours' time, we have another game against a team that'll make our lives difficult. I'm lucky enough to have a good fitness coach and a good medical team. I'm sure that we'll head into our next game in the best possible shape".

All of them contributed to what the team needed to win.

"For me, Deck's performance came as no surprise. He's had some very good minutes playing on the outside, then rotating in the number 4 role and even defending their number 5. It was a good all-round performance. But there were many players who, regardless of their stats, really helped the team. Rudy turned in an amazing performance, Llull came into it with injury concerns and he sunk an important basket... That's the strength of a team, knowing that everyone is ready. All of them contributed to what the team needed to win".

Campazzo's performance
"Sometimes the adjectives just come naturally. I've seen Campazzo put in better performances, but he delivered a great display tonight".

Next match-up
"Burgos showed us the way. We're going to have to be really focused in our play because all the teams here demand that of you. The Andorra game will be really tough if we fail to show the same focus we did tonight. Their player absences on the inside makes them more unpredicatable. They've got some very good points scorers and if we don't manage to forget about this win over Valencia, we'll be made to suffer. It'll be just as tough or even tougher than this game".